A letter to the Men of Menopause.

October 2, 2022By Michelle DinsdaleGeneral, Tips

Dear Man in Menopause World. It’s not you. It’s us. But sometimes it IS you. But mostly it’s us. And we dislike how we tend to love you so amorously one minute and then stare you right in the eye a few seconds later, thinking ‘I could divorce you right now….’, because you looked at … Read More

Welcome! Let me introduce you to my Boobs!

December 30, 2018By Michelle DinsdaleGeneral

I have small breasts. I love them. They’re just the right size for me. I like that they stay close to my body when I move. As a dancer then and an athlete now, I appreciate that I have never needed 3 extra bras to discipline their movement. I have never yearned for them to … Read More