Work with me

One on One Coaching

Your  personal cheerleader and tough lover. We all need one. Depending on what you need, I will tailor make a program to suit you.

Seven Essentials of Health

A seven week program to kickstart the New You.

Thyroid issue?

I work with you to educate, take away the overwhelm, confusion and the right steps towards taking control of your diagnosis so that you are better empowered to take the correct course of action.

Clean Up Your Act!

We live in a toxic environment. The average woman exposes herself to 586 chemicals everyday in her personal products alone! I will educate you on what is good for you, and help you decide which products in your own personal environment can be potentially harmful to you and your family, and ideas of what to replace them with.

Pantry Clean Out

It’s so confusing! One minute eggs are receiving bad rap, the next, they’re king of Nutrition! Is pasture raised good? What does GMO mean? Is the tin of black beans in your cupboard really that healthy?

I work with you to decide what belongs in your pantry!

Surviving Menopause

The word ‘Menopause” can fill the bravest of souls (Men too, ha ha!) with dread. But it doesn’t have to be a time of fatigue, hair loss, depression, hot flashes etc! I can help!

The Joy Lab

A facebook group to keep you on track, connected with like minded women where the focus is on Joy via good health habits.


I’m available to speak at functions on a host of topics.

While I love to help people, I need you ask yourself a vital question before reaching out.

Are you married to your lifestyle? If you are, I am not the coach for you. True change is bred from a desire to put the steps I’ll coach you through, into action. I am committed to your success and I demand that my clients are too.

Essential Oils 101

Essential oils support health is so many ways! But it can be overwhelming learning about uses and it’s benefits.I can enlighten you on all!

Personal Training

One on one personal training sessions available too! Let’s find what works for your body and your mind!

• Health Coach (Health Coach Institute)
• Certified Functional Health Coach
• PN Master Health and Nutrition Coach
• NASM Personal Trainer
• Lover of Carrot cake xoxo