My Journey

Hello! I’m Michelle!

I’m a health coach, personal trainer, wife, Mother and a ballerina who swapped ballet shoes for those that make me run, a bike, and some goggles. I’m a 2x Ironman, but I still love to dance! (I have been known to tap dance in my cycling shoes.) Most of all, I am passionate about taking YOU to your next best level of health and fitness!

I’m asked, ‘How did you get into this?’

My life has been accentuated with loss and adversity. Losing a Mother, Father a child, a husband and parenting twins who each came beautifully gift wrapped with a different special need, I had two choices, dig myself into a hole of self pity (actually, for a while, I did!) and succumb to drink or drugs, OR, use movement, better lifestyle choices, and my love for God to save myself and retain my joy and find the silver lining.

And silver lining there was, because I’ve discovered along the way that challenges truly can become the route and source to strength, tenacity, love and much founded happiness and joy! And now, I get to support others on similar journeys.

Sometimes, we just need someone on our side!

My passion is helping others find balance in their lives by tending to lifestyle factors which influence how we feel and look and ultimately determine our health. Coaching is a God given gift and I feel huge purpose in supporting, educating and encouraging clients discover and celebrate their best selves.

“When life throws lemons at you, you have two choices, get hit in the face, or make lemon cheesecake…”
-Michelle Dinsdale (thats me!!)

I have ventured through my own health journey in the past few years with some big scares which have transformed me into a master researcher and advocate for my own health. I believe that we are not slaves to our genetics, but that with lifestyle modifications, we can effectively take charge of our outcome, physically, mentally and emotionally. I love supporting others do the same!

Need Joy?

Health Coaching is more than educating about smart food choices, exercise, and lifestyle habits. It’s about creating a life you LOVE! I’m on a mission to amplify your health with the JOY of living, even on the days that don’t turn out well. We achieve this by helping discover who you are, your purpose, the foods that give you energy, the movement that makes you feel alive and look forward to! We do it without dieting, excessive exercise or militant measures. We approach your life with curiosity to find out what works best for you and how you can continue that trend forever! And best of all? We remove the overwhelm.

I’m so excited to connecting with you! Please reach out and schedule a discovery session with coffee to see if I’m a good fit as a coach for you, and if you’re a good fit for me!

• Health Coach (Health Coach Institute)
• NASM Personal Trainer
• Lover of Carrot cake xoxo