What clients say about Michelle

“I am blessed to have met Michelle at the time I did. Not only was she a major contributor to my wellness program but she walked along side my struggles in health. She is more than a coach, she partners with you to achieve the goals you want. She knows when to press and when to praise! I am grateful for her intuition and commitment to her clients. Oh by the way, my test results improved miraculously within 3 months! ”

A.M – Rancho Santa Margarita

“Michelle, words cannot express how grateful I am to you. I was so desperate to dig my way out of feeling so bad about life & myself and a life coach sounded like just the thing I needed. I was totally right and I cannot believe how much progress I have made in such a short period of time. I felt like I needed a reboot and that’s exactly what I got! I had neglected my own health inside and out and you have given me back my joy and enthusiasm for life and have shown me great ways to look after my body. You are so kind and never make me feel judged or afraid to ask you for the help I need. You’re the best! Michelle- thank you a million times over!”

L.H – Rancho Santa Margarita

“As our session is coming to an end, I look back on everything that I’ve learned about myself through having Michelle as my health coach. As my nutritional and fitness journey continues, I’m so confident that I’ll meet my goals. She has given me that confidence through her unwavering support and plethora of knowledge. She has taught me how to motivate myself and others, to give myself grace for my slip ups, and to never give up.  Having a health coach is more than just about optimal health; it’s about having a team mate on your side no matter how you’re feeling. Imagine that team mate is always in your corner, even when you aren’t. You’ve imagined Michelle. She is just that. Your team leader and cheerleader, motivating you to be that for yourself. I’ll carry her advice, wisdom and support everywhere this journey takes me. Thank you Michelle, I can’t wait for you to see our hard work continue to pay off!”

S.O – Corona

“Michelle’s coaching is just what I needed. Like most of us, I’m pretty tuned in to nutrition, exercise, etc. but despite all that knowledge never was able to make much lasting progress. Love that I was able to lose weight without “dieting” and at the same time reduce stress. And although I’ve slipped on some of the new habits, others will last a lifetime, and I know what to do to get back on track. Michelle helps you focus on all aspects of self care, mental and physical, which I loved. I looked forward to all of our meetings and always felt supported and appreciated rather than judged.”

B.D – Trabuco Canyon